About us

Ciel Rouge is a Paris-based international PR, events, and communications consulting agency.
We put our creative energy and communications expertise to work for companies, brands, organizations, institutions, and visionary individuals that wish to promote their products, services, and initiatives to a wider public – be that internal or external stakeholders, customers, clients, or communities.

Our teams take pride in conceiving and carrying out original marketing & communications initiatives. We custom-design special events and PR programs that stimulate awareness, create visibility, and drive positive change. No two missions are the same, we tailor each & every detail to our clients’ needs and wishes, for results that surprise, enchant and inspire.

Our primary areas of expertise:

  • Luxury & Lifestyle - including B2B and B2C beauty, cosmetics, perfume, well-being, health & nutrition, arts & culture, travel & tourism, gastronomy & chefs, wine & spirits.

  • Global Conservation & Sustainability – including CSR, biodiversity, agroecology, eco-friendly packaging, recycling, waste reduction, regenerative agriculture, nature & wildlife.

Our strengths:

  • Experienced Experts
  • A Human Approach
  • Inspired Creativity

Our petit plus:

  • Truly International Perspective
  • Multicultural Experience
  • Global Network

Our promise:

  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Unwavering Focus & Dedication
  • Sustainable Results

The Founder

Jane Peck

A native New Yorker living and working in France since 1995, Jane Peck created Ciel Rouge in 2015, a Paris-based PR and Communications agency with extensive global outreach.

Jane is an energetic, engaging, and experienced professional who thrives on quickly and efficiently analyzing client needs; she creates truly original solutions, and prides herself on delivering exceptional results.

An enthusiastic world traveler, Jane brings her passion for foreign lands, cultures, and languages to everything she does. Whether globetrotting around the planet or simply exploring the sights, sounds and scenes of her adopted France, Jane is always eager to welcome new experiences and loves projects that require 360° reflection or an “outside the box” approach.

"Ciel Rouge is an expression that evokes a fire red sky, a blazing celestial celebration of scarlet, sanguine, crimson, and cerise... that ephemeral magical moment when all eyes turn towards the heavens in awe, and one’s spirit is elated..."